Race for More Families More Hearts

This community is so amazing

You made it possible!

Our champion racers, generous family matching benefactors, and hundreds of caring donors raised $225,077!

41 individuals and 12 teams virtually raced across the nation during the month of November to increase understanding of inherited cardiovascular disease in the Race to Save More Families More Hearts.

We are 10% away from our $250,000 goal, but we more than doubled what we raised for the race fundraiser last year – all thanks to you!

Just one year ago we expanded our mission to include the 1 in 5 people living with elevated lipoprotein(a), along with those living with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and homozygous FH. We changed our name to Family Heart Foundation to reflect this expanded mission and the impact these common inherited lipid disorders have on families. We are working hard to make sure everyone with FH, HoFH, or high Lp(a) has the chance to live a longer, healthier life. You make it possible for us to save more families and more hearts. Thank you!

Racer Highlights

Robinson Family - Race for More Families More Hearts

Top Fundraising Team

The Robinson Family is a family of 5 who are all affected by FH. Parents, Kate and Dave, both have FH and all 3 of their children inherited the condition - 2 are living with HoFH. They have focused their race challenge on raising awareness of FH and sharing their story.

Their team raised $45,328!

Patrick and Jude - Race for More Families More Hearts

Youngest Fundraising Team

Teenage cousins Jude and Patrick are cousins who are both affected by FH. Jude lives in Cincinnati and Patrick lives in Dallas, so the two pledged to raise money that matches the round-trip distance between their homes – 3,058 kilometers!

They raised $4,598!

Family Fundraiser - Catherine's Crew

Catherine's Crew was organized by the Riley Family in honor of Catherine Riley, who passed suddenly at the age of 23 caused by her elevated lipoprotein(a). The team was made up of Catherine's mother, sister, and her best friend. They surpassed their fundraising goal and focused their race challenge on raising awareness of elevated Lp(a), encouraging all to get their Lp(a) tested.

Their team raised $5,491!

Breathe Strength - Race for More Families More Hearts

Top Newcomer Fundraiser

Charlotte was only 17 years old when her mother passed from a heart attack because of FH. Charlotte later learned that she too had FH. She used social media and her in-person yoga classes to raise awareness and funds for her race. She did 30 days of heart opening yoga poses as she shared her FH family story – a new episode posted each day!

Her team raised $4,847!

Ally's Memes - - Race for More Families More Hearts

Fundraiser with the Most LOLs

Ally had a sudden heart attack at the age of 24. Four months later, and just two days before her wedding, Ally’s dad died of a heart attack at the age of 55. For this year's race, Ally posted memes each day about the challenges of living with heart disease, high cholesterol, FH, and Lp(a). Her wry sense of humor came through in each post, making a tough topic easier to talk about.

She raised $2,104!

A Heartfelt Thank You

We are so grateful to all our Race to Save More Families More Hearts racers, teams, and donors. We especially would like to recognize the following individuals and teams:

Thank you to our top donors!

Stacey and Curtis Lane
Robin Neustein
Chip and Sheryl Kaye
David and Kate Robinson
Anne Coonrod
Judith Moritz
Katherine and Larry Wilemon
George Blike
Phill Trem
Michael Robinson

Thank you to our top fundraising teams!

The Robinson Family
Catherine’s Crew
Breathe Strength
Davey Hearts

Thank you to our top individual racers!

Jude Jamison & Patrick Mann
Mary McGowan
Susan Riley – Catherine's Mom #forever23
Charlotte Muller
Courtney Riley
Ally Polries Mast
Family Heart Pets – Mackenzie Ames
Adina Gutstein
Catherine Riley
Brandon Wilson

Still want to give?

The Race to Save More Families More Hearts fundraiser is still open till the end of the year. Help us reach our goal before the New Year - give today!

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