2023 Family Heart Global Summit

2023 Family Heart Global Summit

The annual Family Heart Global Summit® is the only conference solely dedicated to aligning stakeholders and catalyzing solutions to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in people with inherited lipid disorders, including familial hypercholesterolemiahomozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, and high lipoprotein(a).

The 2023 Family Heart Global Summit's  meeting theme – Through a Wider Lens: Lipid Management Across Populations and Lifetimes – guided the conversations to discuss:


Why are some innovations not getting adopted?

Why are the adoptions slower for minority populations?

How do we think holistically about these problems?

We convened over 250 people, including academia, industry, public health stakeholders, and individuals living with inherited lipid disorders. Together we engaged in didactic learning, expert panel discussions, and audience participation “looking through a wider lens” to discuss practical solutions to bridging the gaps of a broken healthcare system.


Keith C. Ferdinand, MD
Gissette Reyes-Soffer, MD


Joshua W. Knowles, MD, PhD
Daniel J. Rader, MD
Katherine A. Wilemon

Keynote Speakers

Ron Adner, PhD
George A. Mensah, MD

Pioneer Awardees

At this year’s 9th annual Family Heart Foundation Global Summit, we honored the work of Drs. Børge Nordestgaard and Anne Tybærg Hansen with our prestigious Pioneer Award.

Keith C. Ferdinand, MD
Gissette Reyes-Soffer, MD