2023 Family Heart Global Summit

Family Heart Global Summit 2023Dr. Ron Adner, the Leverone Memorial Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, delivered the opening keynote address at this year’s Summit.

Dr. Adner’s award-winning research introduces a new perspective on value creation and competition when industry boundaries break down in the wake of ecosystem disruption. His two books, The Wide Lens: What Successful Innovators See that Others Miss (2012) and Winning the Right Game: How to Disrupt, Defend, and Deliver in a Changing World (2021) have been heralded as landmark contributions to the strategy literature.

His keynote address at the Family Heart Global Summit highlighted how we solve problems through innovation. Dr. Adner discussed how problems in diagnosis and treatment need to be addressed from multiple segments of the healthcare industry – from patients to practitioners, from pharmaceutical companies to insurance agencies.


“I think one of the most exciting things here is the multiple hats that everybody is wearing. We have patients, but patients are also advocates. We have doctors, doctors, also patients and advocates. It’s a perfect way of solving a complex problem. I think that there's probably an awful lot for other parts of the healthcare system to learn from what you're doing here, and I hope that this helps you become an even greater exemplar of how to do this right.”


– Dr. Ron Adner

Family Heart Global Summit 2023
Family Heart Global Summit 2023