2023 Family Heart Global Summit

What Stands in the Way of Integrating Innovations and Equity in Cardiovascular Care?

Family Heart Global Summit 2023As we looked at the poor state of the lipid lowering landscape today, we gathered leaders in the space, including Bob Bradway, the CEO of Amgen, to discuss what stands in the way of cardiovascular care.


“I think as a nation, this is a tragedy. I think we're better than this. I think there's absolutely no reason that we should see the extent to which poor care exists in some of our communities, and even in the communities which we might consider to have the best care, the data still suggests we can do better.”

– Dr. Ron Adner


“I think we need to flip a switch here and move into the 21st century. There's no reason to wait until someone's had their first several heart attacks to recognize that there's a problem that can be preempted with aggressive monitoring and treatment of the bad actor, which is LDL levels.”

– Bob Bradway

Family Heart Global Summit 2023
Family Heart Global Summit 2023
Family Heart Global Summit 2023