September 24 is FH Awareness Day

5 Ways to Recognize FH Awareness Day

Every year, our community comes together on FH Awareness Day to spread the word about Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). We’ve made progress, but the diagnosis is still missed 70% of the time in the United States. That number is even greater around the world.

Many live with the story that high cholesterol and heart disease simply “runs in the family.” They’ve lost too many to heart attacks and strokes. They don’t know they’re part of that 70% who are missing a diagnosis. “Runs in the family” is not a diagnosis.

With the right diagnosis of FH, heart disease can be treated and even prevented.

So what can you do to raise awareness and spread the word on FH Awareness Day this year? Here are 5 ways:

September 24 is FH Awareness Day

1. Use your voice. It’s powerful.

There are so many ways you can tell your story, and the Family Heart Foundation has the resources to help you do just that. This month consider sending an email to your friends and family. You can also post about FH on your social media pages. Print out information to share with your medical providers, download videos to post on social, and more with the resources in our FH Awareness Toolkit.


2. Join our webinar “Getting to your LDL-C Goal & Staying There. Why is it So Important?”

In this Family Heart Foundation webinar, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mary McGowan, will explain the role of very high LDL Cholesterol in the development of heart disease and why it is important to lower LDL to recommended "goal" levels and keep it there – the sooner the better.


3. Check out our weekly personal stories.

All month long we are showcasing personal stories from individuals living with FH. Check in every Friday for a new story and be sure to share it with your family, colleagues, and friends. They'll be posted as a blog and shared on our FH Awareness Day Toolkit page.

Why FH Diagnosis Matters

4. Join us for our Facebook Watch Party: Why FH Diagnosis Matters

Join our Video Podcast Watch Party as we broadcast a conversation with Dr. Keith Ferdinand and Chad Gradney airing FH Awareness Week! Learn why "Runs in the Family" is NOT a diagnosis and why knowing your diagnosis matters!
Stay tuned! More details on how to join coming soon!
FH Awareness Day Tweetathon - Familial Hypercholesterolemia Awareness

5. Participate in the FH Awareness Day Tweet-a-Thon

Join us for the Family Heart Foundation's annual FH Awareness Day Tweet-a-Thon. Together, we will raise awareness of FH worldwide to help everyone #KnowFH.

Mark your calendars for September 24th at 12:00 pm EDT / 9:00 am PDT for 30 minutes of Twitter activity.


Pick one way to get involved or do them all! The more you help the more families and more hearts we can save.

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