Ways to give to the Family Heart Foundation

6 Ways to Give Back

Donating Tips from the Family Heart Foundation

Studies consistently show that giving makes you feel good. The body responds by producing “happy chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. So why not do something that is scientifically proven to make you happier?

It can be more than click and donate (though that’s always acceptable). Below are a few creative ways to add giving to your life.



1. Give on Giving Tuesday

There’s a reason many people decide to donate on Giving Tuesday. We have just spent time reflecting on the things we are grateful for, counting our blessings, and remembering those that aren’t as fortunate. Generosity is high on Giving Tuesday.

Also, many organizations – including the Family Heart Foundation – offer matching gifts to double your donation for Giving Tuesday. It’s a simple and effective way to make your giving go further, and it’s tax deductible!


Monthly Donor

2. Become a Monthly Donor

If you’re the kind of person with philanthropic intentions but a million things on your plate, you might consider becoming a monthly donor. It’s easy to set up one time and it’s automatically processed every month.

This eliminates the stress on your bank account because instead of giving $120 once a year, you’re giving just $10 a month. This helps with budgeting and maintaining your giving all year, and it’s also tax deductible!

Plus, many organizations offer gifts for people who sign up as a monthly donor. The Family Heart Foundation sends gifts from our Family Heart Shop to our monthly donors.


Honor Loved One

3. Honor a Loved One

Often when we lose a loved one, we are struggling with how to cope and what to do. Many people decide to honor that person by trying to help others in their name. The Family Heart Foundation offers the opportunity to donate in honor of someone who made an impact on your life so you can impact others. Plus, like the other ways to give, this is also tax deductible.



4. Set Up Your AmazonSmile

Did you know you can donate every time you shop on Amazon? When you use AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of your total purchase of eligible products to the charity of your choice.

You can learn how to set up the Family Heart Foundation as your AmazonSmile charity here.



5. Shop for Good

You know what feels even better than donating? Buying presents for your friends and family that also give back – it’s like a double win for happiness. Many charitable organizations have online shops with a range of fun and quality products.

The Family Heart Store is growing with more designs all the time. You can start shopping and giving back here.


Employer Giving

6. Check with Your Boss

Many companies have charity matching programs. If you plan on donating $50, for example, you send your receipt to your company, and they donate another $50. The secret is asking. Many people have a corporate matching program at their job and don’t know it. When you’re ready to make your donation to the Family Heart Foundation, ask your boss if they can match it – and this is tax deductible for everyone!


We truly appreciate you thinking of the Family Heart Foundation for your future donations – Heartfelt thank you!


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