BioReport Podcast Highlights Need to Diagnose and Treat FH

Katherine Wilemon, founder and CEO of the Family Heart Foundation, talked with Daniel Levine of The Bio Report podcast, about familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). The episode highlights how FH is an  invisible condition that causes high LDL-C cholesterol and increases the risk for early heart disease. Unfortunately, too may individuals with FH are undiagnosed (approximately 90%), and once diagnosed many have problems getting access to life-saving treatment. Listen to the podcast to learn more!


One Response to “BioReport Podcast Highlights Need to Diagnose and Treat FH”

  1. Cindy Cipar

    The information provide was good but one topic not address was for those FH patient unable to take statins due to severe intolerance to statin medication. I happen to be one of those patients. Fortunately for me my insurance company provided coverage for PSCK9 medication and the pharm company provides a copay card. My concern now is what happens when I go on Medicare. It is my understanding that it is not an approved drug and not covered by any of the drug plans – where do I go and what do I do? Another arena that needs to be addressed moving forward.


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