Cardiometabolic Health Congress Panel

the Family Heart Foundation was honored to participate in this excellent panel on FH at the CMHC on October 23 in Boston.  Scott Radabaugh, FH Advocate for Awareness, and Cat Davis Ahmed, Director of Outreach for the Family Heart Foundation, joined distinguished experts on FH, Dr. Seth J. Baum, Dr. Sarah de Ferranti, Dr. Patrick Moriarty and Dr. Pamela Morris to share the patient perspective on FH and talk about the work of the Family Heart Foundation.  The panel took an historical look at the understanding of FH, presented strategies for early identifiphoto-4cation and cascade screening, explained advanced approaches to optimizing outcomes in severe FH and Homozygous FH, including LDL Apheresis and the new therapies available for the treatment of Homozygous FH: lomitapide and mipomersen.   It was a wonderful opportunity to focus on FH, including developments for people with HoFH, and raise awareness among CMHC attendees.  Many thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and all who came!!

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