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We are here to help you navigate your journey with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and elevated Lipoprotein(a), also known as Lp(a).

Inherited lipid disorders – FH and elevated Lipoprotein(a) - are complicated. Diagnosis can be delayed, you need to understand treatment options, and you may be dealing with heart disease or stroke caused by your condition. You have to find health care providers who understand. And you have to navigate health insurance.

Because these are inherited disorders, you may also need help talking with your family members and helping them get the care they need.

The Family Heart Care Navigation Center can help you with all of these challenges – at no cost to you.

Whether you were just diagnosed or you have known for decades, whether you need help today, or you are planning ahead to reach your heart health goals, Care Navigators are ready to help.
Navigators can help you find a health care provider near you, learn about treatment options, navigate health insurance, find ways to lower the cost of treatment, and connect with other people living with FH or high Lipoprotein(a).

They can also help you prepare to share information about your diagnosis with family members.

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Find a specialist

Find a Specialist

The best care happens when you have a provider that understands you and your disorder. Search our database for a specialist near you.

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Navigating Insurance

Health insurance can be overwhelming and confusing. Our guide will walk you through the steps getting coverage for the care you need.

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Tips for the Newly Diagnosed

A diagnosis can come with anxiety and questions. You’re not alone. Read our tips for what to do after you’re diagnosed.