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Cholesterol is Key - Cholesterol Education Month

My Lipoprotein(a) Story - Chad M.

COVID-19 Increases Rate of Heart Attacks in People with Genetic High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

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PASADENA, Calif., May 26, 2021 – Individuals with genetic high cholesterol, heart disease or both, who were infected with COVID-19 had more heart attacks according to new research by the Family Heart Foundation. While previous studies have speculated about poorer outcomes if a person with genetic … Read More →

Cardiac Health and Post COVID-19 Future

Founder Effect - Franco American

Early Signs of Heart Disease

Kathy's Lipoprotein(a) Story

Lp(a) and My Family’s History of Heart Disease

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Four years ago, when I was out on my daily four-mile walk, I had a very strange sensation, come over my chest and neck. It only lasted a few minutes, so I continued on my walk. It was alarming, but not enough to make me stop or pay too much attention.
But later that day, when I was packing … Read More →

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