Father's Day

Hope this Father’s Day from Dads in our Family Heart Community

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Every year we dedicate a Sunday to our fathers and father-figures. They guide us through life’s toughest moments, teach us how to stand on our own two feet, and give us love no matter what. We spend the day recognizing those important members of our family, but when you live with a genetic condition … Read More →

Payers Report Card

Family Heart Foundation Releases Payer Report Cards on LDL-C Control in ASCVD Patients During AMCP 2024

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The Family Heart Foundation released data on the control of LDL-C by payer type during a session entitled “From LDL-C to Lp(a): Opportunities to Reduce the Rising Tide of Cardiovascular Events”, featuring Family Heart Board member Dr. Keith C. Ferdinand and Dr. JaMasha Lacy, a pharmacist at Walgreen’s … Read More →

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Reflections from Moms in our Community Living with Genetic Dyslipidemias

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Mother’s Day is a beautiful day devoted to the mothers and mother-figures who give us life, nurture our growth, and love us unconditionally. It is filled with emotion and gratitude. When you live with a genetic condition like familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) or high lipoprotein(a), Lp(a), those … Read More →

Family Heart Ambassador - Brianna's Story - Living with FH

HoFH Awareness

Reflections from the 2024 HoFH Gathering

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I am one of the 1 in 300,000 individuals in the U.S. living with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HoFH). HoFH is a rare disease, and when you live with a rare disease, it can often feel lonely – by definition not many others have the same disease. So, you can imagine how impactful it was … Read More →

Chloe shares about living with HoFH

A Conversation with Chloe: Living with HoFH

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Chloe’s family has made advocacy a family tradition. Her father, Scott, and her brother, Luke, are Family Heart Foundation Ambassadors, and her sister Hannah will be training to be an Ambassador soon! Scott even decorated his beloved bike to transform it into the Motorcycle that Saves Lives. Today, … Read More →

PCSK9 Inhibitor Research Paper

PCSK9 Inhibitor Research Paper

Advocacy Highlights 2023

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