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Also called interventional studies, clinical trials test new treatments or new combinations of treatments. Clinical trials help researchers evaluate the safety and effectiveness of therapies to improve the quality of care for affected individuals.

Why participate in Familial Hypercholesterolemia and high Lipoprotein(a) clinical research?

By participating in clinical research, you will play an active role in your own healthcare and contribute to the greater good. Because FH and high Lp(a) is a family disorder, clinical research offers hope and the opportunity to have a powerful impact on the lives of your family members and your future generations.

The Family Heart Foundation seeks to (1) encourage the patient community to step forward and participate in FH or high Lp(a) research and (2) add to the current body of knowledge about FH and high Lp(a).

Observational Studies

Observational studies are one type of clinical trial. There are no treatments or actions in an observational study. This type of study can help inform how to best diagnose, treat, and manage a disease or a condition.

the Family Heart Foundation's CASCADE FH® Registry is an observational study aimed at helping FH individuals and researchers better understand the condition. For this study, patients provide data directly to the Family Heart Foundation about the burden of disease, knowledge of FH, barriers to care, and experiences with current and new therapies.

Click to learn more about the CASCADE FH® Registry or contact the Family Heart Foundation at (844) 434-6334 or visit contact-us.

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