FH Advocate Talks about Lifetime Management HoFH at CMHC

FH Advocate for Awareness, Allison Jamison, joined Family Heart Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. James Underberg (Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine NYU Medical School & NYU Center for CV Prevention, Director Bellevue Hospital Lipid Clinic, President-Elect NLA) to speak about her experience living with Homozygous FH at the Cardiometabolic Health Congress in Boston, MA.

She shared her extensive family history of early heart attacks and high cholesterol, and her own history of heart disease in spite of early diagnosis and treatment with previously available therapies. Now in a clinical trial for a PCSK9 inhibitor, Allison expressed her hope for the future. She shared with this medical audience how important it is for healthcare providers to be willing to partner with their patients and for people with FH to “be their own advocate.” Allison had never met another person with Homozygous FH (the rare form of the otherwise common FH) before she found the Family Heart Foundation. Last year she met at least 6 people with HoFH when she became and Family Heart Foundation Advocate – “That’s a small number, but to me it’s huge.

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