FH Treatments

Aubree apheresisLipoprotein apheresis is a nonsurgical therapy that removes low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and Lipoprotein(a) from the blood. Lipoprotein apheresis is a one and a half to three hours long procedure where the plasma portion of the blood, which contains cholesterol, is separated and run through a machine that removes the LDL.

Lipoprotein apheresis can be prescribed for patients with FH, HoFH and high Lp(a). Lipoprotein apheresis can be performed as early as 3 years of age.

Since the cholesterol will rebound over time, this procedure is done every week to every other week. It is very safe and most patients are tolerant. However, it can mean that patients might miss school or work and may have to drive a long distance because there are only 60 lipoprotein apheresis centers in the U.S.


The following is a list of lipoprotein apheresis sites in the United States and Canada.

United States