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Find the elevated Lp(a) patients in your practice

The Family Heart Foundation will develop the FIND Lp(a)® Machine Learning Model. This algorithm will be designed to analyze Electronic Health records (EHR) in a HIPAA compliant way to identify patients at risk for elevated lipoprotein(a), also known as Lp(a).

Building on the success of the FIND FH® model, the FIND Lp(a) model will be created and trained using an updated Family Heart Database.

The model output will allow providers to focus on undiagnosed individuals who need further evaluation to determine if they have elevated Lp(a).

The FIND Lp(a) Collaborative Learning Network

The Family Heart Foundation is establishing a Collaborative Learning Network (CLN) to focus on the FIND Lp(a) Program.

This network brings together academic and community health systems with the goal of identifying and implementing best practices to engage primary care physicians, perform successful outreach to patients at risk, and successfully schedule and complete diagnostic evaluations. Ultimately the aim of the CLN is to provide Lp(a) patients and their families optimal cardiovascular disease risk factor management.

The FIND Lp(a) CLN is an action-oriented organizational network including:

  1. Patients, clinicians, researchers, community organizers, and policymakers aligned around a common goal of identifying, diagnosing, and improving the lives of patients who are at high risk for Lp(a)
  2. Processes, standards, and infrastructure to enable full collaboration.
  3. An environment where information, knowledge, and resources are created and shared that accelerate the pace and impact of improvements in Lp(a) management

The FIND Lp(a) Method

Why Focus on Lp(a)?

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