Fun and Easy Fundraising Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered

The mission of the Family Heart Foundation is to save generations of families from heart disease through timely identification and improved care of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and elevated lipoprotein(a), also knowns as Lp(a).

One way you can join in this mission is by raising awareness and hosting your own fundraiser. Whether virtual or in-person, a fundraiser is a fantastic way to invest in the efforts of Family Heart and strengthen our community.

Here are some options for fundraisers you can do all year long:

1. Celebration Fundraising

Do you have a special occasion or milestone coming up? Many people today are using their big celebrations to ask others to support a cause they care about. If you don’t need another three-wick candle or pair of socks, ask your friends and family to donate to your Family Heart fundraiser. Some examples include:

  • Birthdays: You’ve probably seen your friends and family asking for donations instead of gifts on their social media. You can do the same by setting up your own fundraiser to celebrate another trip around the sun!
  • Retirements: Throwing a big shindig to celebrate your long career? Ask your guests to make a donation instead of bringing a gift.
  • Weddings: Consider including a link to your fundraiser on your wedding registry. This extra option is a great way to show your wedding guests that this cause is important to you.

Kick off your celebration fundraiser here.

2. Honoring a Loved One

Most of us in the Family Heart Community have been affected by or have a loved one who has been impacted by FH and/or high Lp(a). When you tell your story, people feel compelled to help. Give them an easy way to show their support by starting a fundraiser to honor someone you love or remember someone you have lost.

Launch your fundraiser here.

3. Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook makes fundraising very quick and easy. By setting up a Facebook fundraiser, you can easily reach out to your social media friends, family, and followers to let them know Family Heart is a cause you care about.

Start your Facebook fundraiser.

4. Create Your Own Fundraiser

Why not take the things you love and turn them into a fundraiser? You already have a local community of people who love and care about you. Show them your amazing talents and give them a chance to offer support for a cause you care about. Examples include:

  • Bake Sale: Do you love to bake and share goodies? Why not hold a bake sale with proceeds going to Family Heart? There’s a reason this tried-and-true fundraiser is still popular today.
  • Dinner Party: Who doesn’t love to gather friends and family over for a night of dining and conversation? You can cook a big meal or ask a caterer to provide one and ask your friends and family to donate to your fundraiser in exchange for a nice dining experience.
  • Community Classes: Do you have a special skill you can share with your community? Consider hosting a class on photography, using technology, home DIY, or whatever your expertise is in. Then, you can ask people to donate to your fundraiser as a fee for taking your class.
  • Give it Up Challenge: Is there something you’ve been meaning to give up? Maybe it’s fast food, cigarettes, or takeout coffee. You can give them up for a certain amount of time and pledge to give the money you save to your fundraiser. Ask others to join you and contribute their savings!
  • Host a Contest: Everyone loves a little friendly competition. You can get creative with your contests to attract friends, family, and neighbors. Consider a pet costume contest, a best dressed runway, or the tidiest lawn competition to get everyone involved and paying an entrance fee, with proceeds going to the Family Heart Foundation.
  • Fun Run: If you’re part of a run club or a community of walkers or hikers, feel free to plan your own fun run to raise money for Family Heart any time of the year!


Launch your own fundraiser here.

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