Key Highlights from the FH Global Summit 2018

“Great scientific progress, efficacious therapies, and elegantly written guidelines don’t always end up helping the people they were intended to serve. This is a sobering fact, and in many ways, is the story of familial hypercholesterolemia,” asserted Katherine Wilemon, Founder and CEO of the Family Heart Foundation, as she shared why we needed to focus on implementation and evidence-based care of FH.

Additionally, the 2018 FH Global Summit commemorated the 20th  anniversary of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recognition of familial hypercholesterolemia as a public health concern. The framework of the agenda reflected the key topics covered by the WHO recommendations. Once again, the Family Heart Foundation was honored to bring together the global FH community of scientists, clinicians, public health experts and advocacy leaders, as well as families living with FH from 25 countries.

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