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We have not done many travels this year, given my recovery, my tiredness, my quirkiness about my sleeping arrangements and my paranoia that I have to be close to my doctors before I know for sure if this ‘new heart’ actually works on its own.

But given that we both love to travel and photograph, we have gotten around close to home and either gone camping a couple of times, or visited some destination towns that are within driving distance.

My doctors have not advised me against it, but I do not feel comfortable (or wise) to travel by plane right now. I am still adjusting in my new skin, really.

For this past Labor Day, though, we drove to Moab, UT, which is only about a 3 hour drive away from us. Our previous extended trip was on July 4th, to Idaho, and I have to say I did much better this time in Moab than back in July! The heat was not as intense, either, which helped a lot. We rediscovered this desert town which we know fairly well, by visiting a new (to us) National Park (Canyonlands), a winery (I know, in Utah of all states!), and by eating at a couple of new eateries, one of them (Sunset Grill) with an amazing view of the valley.

We did not hike very much, outside of getting out of the cars to capture some of the landscape in Canyonlands, and outside of walking the downtown from one end to another a couple of times, but I did spend lots of time in the car, which did not seem to bother me as much as before.

Little by little, I am building more endurance, I think, to do things outside of my routine and to do them for longer stretches of ‘discomfort’.

This is me, above above one of the overlooks in Canyonlands. I felt very victorious climbing up on this high rock, with gusts of wind trying to pitch me in the abyss below. What beautiful country we have and how lucky I am to be able to be well enough to travel and take it all in!

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Much health to all!

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