Letter to the FH Community about COVID-19

Dear Friends:


We find ourselves in one of the most challenging situations in world history. It is crucial for all of us to follow the guidance on handling the coronavirus (COVID-19) provided by the CDC, which is updated daily. This said, it is important for our FH community to be aware of the extra precautions sometimes required in persons with underlying medical conditions. While FH by itself does not put people at greater risk, those with cardiovascular disease caused by FH are considered high-risk. Often in FH families, there are one or more members who have established cardiovascular disease, and each of us has to think of our family members and others in our local community who have underlying medical conditions.


Many health care systems are gearing up for “virtual medical appointments,” often through Skype, Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts. Scheduling virtual appointments may be important for you to consider as you work to avoid coming into contact with potentially infected people. Be sure that your prescriptions are filled and keep taking your medications!


Equally important is the need to take care of yourself emotionally. Things like eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and daily exercise are essential. Additionally, reaching out to family, friends, and the Family Heart Foundation via your phone and the internet can be beneficial. And although all FH team members are now working remotely, we are still here to answer your questions and listen carefully to your concerns:



Wishing everyone in the FH Family good health.



Mary McGowan, MD
Chief Medical Officer
the Family Heart Foundation

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