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I thought this link would be helpful for folks who stop by for the first time, wondering right upfront what are my current lipid numbers. As you all know, these numbers change over time, so I will keep this entry updated with the latest ones.

My original numbers are two-fold: the 1983 numbers below are the first numbers ever recorded. I was not quite 8 at the time. The numbers in 1998 are those that I started with, when I moved to the US. I was 23 at the time. They were both taken when I was not yet medicated for high cholesterol, so these are my “normal” numbers.

past values

My current numbers are below (as of July 17, 2016):

Current Numbers

If you want to see my drug and food regimen, please visit this page:

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about my life with FH.

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In this blog I will follow my everyday journey of living with familial hypercholesterolemia (or FH). I am sharing my own experience with this inherited disorder, and how I manage it daily – from what literature I read on the topic and what my doctors say to how I live my life (what I eat, what medicine I take, how I exercise, etc). This is solely a personal account that might or might not offer some insight on what to expect when diagnosed with this condition. This blog does not offer advice, in any way, to anyone suffering from this disease.

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