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I thought this link would be helpful for folks who stop by for the first time, wondering what kind of regimen of food + drugs I am on, for my FH. For all the trials and tribulations of how they affect my numbers, please book this blog’s link and follow it, as these change over time.

This entry will be updated every time there is a change.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about my life with FH.

Last Update: July 17, 2016

Current diet:
– mostly vegan, plant based, with wild fish;
– I eat a diet low in fat, with almost no animal fat (except what comes from fish)
– I get my ‘good fats’ from nuts, cold water, wild fish, and some oils (canola, olive)
– my diet is high in veggies, multi grains, and beans.
– I eat a very low amount of very green, leafy greens, as they bring my blood INR down, which is contraindicated for my artificial aortic valve.

Current drug regimen (includes drugs for FH and heart health):
– Crestor – 40 mg/ day
– Zetia – 5 mg/day
– Praluent – 150 mg/ 2 weeks
– Atenolol – 37.5 mg/ day
– Coumadin – varies, according to INR values
– Aspirin – 81 mg/day
– Vitamin D

Medicines I have taken in the past:
– Lipitor – 80 mg/ day, Zoocor, Vytorin
– Niacin and Niaspan
– Colestipol
– Welchol

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