My Race for FH

I was one of the first people to sign up for the Family Heart Foundation’s 2018 Race for FH. I’m racing in memory of my father, who lost his lifelong battle with FH in 2017, but also in honor of my brother and sister, and my niece and nephew, who also live with FH. Even though my niece, Greer, and nephew, Patrick, are young (14 and 9), we can’t wait to treat their FH. I want to help make physicians and healthcare workers aware of the importance of early intervention and treatment, and I want to encourage the continued innovation in medicine and treatment for FH. I want to help change the future for families like ours, and keep us free from heart disease.

I am racing for FH by completing a marathon (plus some!), one step at a time. In 2011, I had a heart attack while having a treadmill stress test done. This year, I will be walking on a treadmill for a marathon+ – I am going to walk 28 miles by September 24. The significance? I was 28 years old when I had my first bypass, and my dad was 28 when he had his first heart attack. Also, I want to try to do “a little bit more” than a marathon, as I was to do “a little bit more” to raise awareness for FH.

Please race with us. It just takes a few minutes to sign up. It is so important for us all to help expand the community of people who support the work of the Family Heart Foundation, the way the Family Heart Foundation has supported all of us.

#Race4FH #FHCantWait

Allison Jamison
Family Heart Foundation Board Member & FH Advocate for Awareness

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