Our Promise and Impact

The mission of the Family Heart Foundation is to save generations of families from heart disease through timely identification and improved care of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and elevated Lipoprotein(a). Through research, advocacy, and education we drive change, and empower families to navigate their own health.

We empower patients

We believe that knowledge enables individuals to make informed choices to improve their care. And since FH and Lp(a) are inherited, we know the difference that connecting families with resources can make.

We catalyze research

We harness the power of data – from our own research and registries to the publications of studies – to drive improvements in the identification and care of FH and Lp(a).

We fight for FH & Lp(a)

Our crusade is personal. We know that life can be cut too short by heart attacks and strokes. We believe in the difference that prevention makes.

Collaborating for Impact

The Family Heart Foundation is the result of the team effort of patients and healthcare practitioners who have joined their knowledge and passion to help others and drive change. We are honored to have  experts from around the world share their expertise and research as part of our Scientific Advisory Board. Our success is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and commitment. With the help of a dedicated group of clinicians, researchers, professional organizations, governmental representatives, and volunteers, the Family Heart Foundation takes pride in its forward-thinking and versatile approach to making a real change in the world of FH and Lipoprotein(a).

A Story of Hope

In 2011, it was estimated that only 1% of individuals with FH were diagnosed in the United States. The Family Heart Foundation and familial hypercholesterolemia community have increased that rate to 20% in just 10 years. We are just beginning.

We've Come So Far - And We Are Just Getting Started

The Family Heart Foundation is the leader for research, advocacy, and education for those at genetic high risk for heart attacks and strokes. We address gaps in FH and Lp(a) diagnosis and treatment by:

  • Following outcomes of FH patients in the national CASCADE FH® Registry and address gaps in diagnosis and treatment
  • Convening an annual global summit dedicated to the science and treatment of FH and LP(a)
  • Leading international coalitions to develop guidelines to improve care for individuals at genetic-risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Creating an artificial intelligence algorithm to FIND FH® before it does damage
  • Establishing National FH Awareness Day on September 24, which is now strengthened by multiple state proclamations and recognized on a global scale.
  • Training national Advocates for Awareness to raise health professional and public awareness of FH and Lp(a)


Our Founder's Story

Katherine Wilemon is the founder of the Family Heart Foundation. Her own heart attack at 39 underscored the importance of not only understanding but acting upon genetic risk factors for heart disease, including high Lp(a) and FH. Faced with a lack of awareness and apathy within the medical community and general public, Katherine set out to make a difference for herself, her family, and the tens of millions of families worldwide.
Katherine and Family