Raising Awareness of FH in the Department of Homeland Security

FH Advocate for Awareness, Patricia Young, and Cat Davis Ahmed, VP for Policy and Outreach at the Family Heart Foundation, raised awareness of Familial Hypercholesterolemia among staff members at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC on February 21, in recognition of American Heart Month. Patricia shared her incredible story of growing up with Homozygous FH, and against all odds, serving proudly in the US Army before retiring. She had to be an advocate for herself every step of the way to get the diagnosis and care that would save her life. Staff members learned that FH is a common disorder affecting 1 in 250 people, but that most people with FH are walking around unaware of the risk they face for early heart disease and what they can do about it. One participant planned to take the Family Heart Foundation’s printed infographic to his next family reunion, wondering if FH would explain the high cholesterol that runs in his family.

“We find FH wherever we look – and when you find an individual with FH, you find a family. I’m so grateful for these opportunities to raise awareness of FH in workplaces to help keep people healthy and ease the burden of heart disease on families.”
– Cat Davis Ahmed

“We need to take care of our hearts, our health, and our families,”
– Patricia Young

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