Sept 24-26 – Global Genes’ RARE Patient Advocacy Summit/Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala

Global Genes will be hosting their Fourth Annual RARE Patient Advocacy Summit this September 24th to 25th in Huntington Beach, California. This year’s Summit aims to equip patients, caregivers, and advocates with actionable next steps, whether they are recently diagnosed, building a disease community, looking for research funding, engaged in treatment development, or advocating in rare disease. 

Global Genes will also host their annual RARE Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala on September 26th. This Gala will recognize those who are working tirelessly and taking unique steps of action in the fight against rare disease. Several Family Heart Foundation nominees include:

RARE Champion of Hope – Collaborations in Advocacy Nominee: Katherine Wilemon (CEO/President/Founder)
RARE Champion of Hope – Medical Care and Treatment Nominee: Dan Rader (Chief Scientific Advisor/Board of Director member/Scientific Advisory Board member)
RARE Champion of Hope – Collaborations in Advocacy Nominee: Christian Jacobs (Board of Director member/FHF Patient Advocate)

More information about the Summit and Gala can be found here:

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