Cholesterol Education Month Results

September’s Reach for Cholesterol Education Month

Look at the incredible reach we had together!

Together, we reached millions of people on multiple social media platforms and on national TV and radio in September. This outreach raises awareness of the need to address high cholesterol regardless of the cause, but especially when it is genetic.

So many of you shared your own life experiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was incredibly impactful! We heard from physicians who were disappointed by the state of care for familial hypercholesterolemia and people who realized they might be affected or who were just beginning their journey with familial hypercholesterolemia. Your voices brought the message home: everyone deserves an accurate diagnosis and everyone needs timely and appropriate medical management if they have high cholesterol.

Satellite Media Tour Cholesterol Education Month

Radio and TV
National Satellite Media Tour
77.7 million
1,128 airings

Social Media
#KnowFH Hashtag Reach
12.6 million on FH Awareness Day
15.2 million throughout September

Total Engagement

Social Media Influencer
Breathe Strength Video Story
943,678 Facebook & Instagram Reach
378,116 Tiktok Impressions
9,046 Youtube Views

Dr. Ferdinand and Chad Gradney

Video Podcast Interview
Dr. Ferdinand with Chad Gradney
129,521 Facebook & Instagram Reach

Thank you to our Tweet-a-thon Panelists!

With the help of our expert Tweet-a-thon panelists the #KnowFH hashtag reached 12.6 million people on FH Awareness Day and was shared in over 1,600 social posts!


We are working everyday to save more families, more hearts. We need your support. Help us do more by giving today!




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