The 2018 Race for FH Has Begun

the Family Heart Foundation’s unique “Do-It-Yourself” fundraising “race” kicked off on August 11 and will cross the finish line on September 24 – FH Awareness Day. People across the country are choosing their own physical challenge and are raising funds to ensure that those with FH have longer, healthier lives. Will you join us?

the Family Heart Foundation held its first Race for FH in 2017. One of our primary goals was to give people who are concerned about FH a way to take action and have impact on how FH is diagnosed and treated.

Members of the FH community including those with FH, their family members, clinical partners and concerned individuals are spread out across the country. We wanted to make it possible for anyone to participate, regardless of where they live. What’s more, people like to be physically active in a number of ways, and we wanted to encourage their diverse interests as well. That’s how we came up with a “Do-It-Yourself” event.

People embraced the idea and challenged themselves in more ways than we could have imagined. One racer competed in an Iron Man, one family surfed every day in September, an FH Advocate for Awareness ran her first 5K and invited others to join her, another supporter swam the Charles River. One family simply raised money in memory of their father who had passed away earlier in the year.

They all shared their stories on the Race for FH website and on social media. Many were new to raising money for the Family Heart Foundation, and weren’t sure what to expect. The response they received was inspiring. People appreciated being asked to help make a difference and were happy to make a gift. Thanks to enthusiastic racers and generous donors, we raised nearly $88,000 to increase awareness of FH and save lives. You can help us raise $150,000 this year to continue our work on behalf of people with FH everywhere.

Can we count on you?

You can register today at the Family Heart Foundation works every day on behalf of people with FH, but we need your help to win the Race for FH. Thanks for joining us.

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