the Family Heart Foundation Visits Brazil

On May 27 – 28, the Family Heart Foundation visited Brazil for Congress SOCESP and to speak at the II Meeting of familial hypercholesterolemia.

May 27, 2016
XXXVII Congresso da Sociedade de Cardiologia do Estado de São Paulo (SOCESP)

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the Family Heart Foundation is in Sao Paulo, Brazil at Congress SOCESP.

“Congress SOCESP became one of the world’s largest gatherings of specialty, and it is done to meet the expectations of the participants. Always looking to innovate, this year we will have the renewal of the topics covered in the sessions of hands-on and large number of discussions clinical cases, which have the primary merit of reflecting the daily clinical practice.”

Ibraim Masciarelli Francisco Pinto
Presidente da Sociedade de Cardiologia do Estado de São Paulo

May 28, 2016

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the Family Heart Foundation spoke at the II Meeting of familial hypercholesterolemia in Brazil. Katherine Wilemon and Stacey Lane presented information about FH in the US with data from the CASCADE FHâ„¢ Registry.

the Family Heart Foundation’s CASCADE FH Registry is now available to people around the world! This is the first time the Family Heart Foundation has opened the patient portal up for enrollment from individuals with FH outside of the US.

With a commitment to improve the quality of life of FH patients in Brazil, AHF invites patients, families and health professionals to participate in the II Meeting of Familial Hypercholesterolemia. With the presence of renowned health professionals and the Family Heart Foundation, the event is an opportunity for professionals and patients to advance knowledge on familial hypercholesterolemia, diagnosis and treatment, which has been discussed in Brazil and worldwide.


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