the Family Heart Foundation Visits Shanghai, China

I had the pleasure of representing the Family Heart Foundation at the Oriental Congress of Cardiology held in Shanghai, May 27, 2016. My presentation covered under-diagnosis of FH worldwide with the exception of the Netherlands and several Scandinavian countries; information regarding the FH Registry; a brief overview of Find FH; the new patient portal (which should be available in Mandarin in 2017); and finally, the modest improvement in diagnosis and treatment of FH in China since 2000 (presently 5% of people with LDL>190 mg/dL being treated). The presentation appeared to be informative for them and was well received.

Prior to the conference I met with Professor Lu-Ya Wang from Beijing, one of the country’s leading lipid experts. She is following approximately 70 patients who fit the phenotypic profile of homozygous FH, and another 500 patients with probable heterozygous FH. They rarely perform genetic analysis, though 20 of the homozygous patients have had genotyping.

Subsequent response to my visit confirms their desire to work closely with the Family Heart Foundation to increase awareness of the condition and effect treatment as appropriate. Presently, they do not have approval to use PCSK9 inhibitors. China will be an important partner in the global network of nations addressing FH.

William A. Neal, M.D.
Chairman of the Board
the Family Heart Foundation

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