Today, Jan 29, 2015 is a very important day…

Today is a very important day for over 1.5 million Americans and most of them do not know it.  They are unaware they have a life-threatening genetic condition, familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). If left untreated, people living with FH have a 20 times increased risk of premature heart disease and heart attacks.  It is estimated that at least 90% of the individuals with FH are undiagnosed.  The good news is once diagnosed FH is treatable.  

In order to address this urgent unmet medical need the Family Heart Foundation is  launching FIND FH™ (Flag, Identify, Network, Deliver).  The FIND FH Initiative will utilize advanced analytics including machine learning to identify individuals with probable FH.  the Family Heart Foundation will then work with health care providers to diagnosis those with definite FH.  Once diagnosed, an individual with FH and their potentially affected family members will be able to opt into patient support services including a national FH registry, CASCADE FH™.  

the Family Heart Foundation is proud to collaborate on this ground breaking initiative with Stanford Medicine and founding partner Amgen® on the FIND FH Initiative.  

View our FIND FH Infographic:

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  1. Susan Dimick

    Include me in efforts to help educate the interested medical community And the FIND FH initiative.


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