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What is Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH)?

Wall Street Journal, June 20th, 2017 In a little box on the bottom of page A11 in the Health section of the Wall Street Journal yesterday, this important question finally appeared in the press. the Family Heart Foundation was happy to answer that question in depth for writer, Sumathi Reddy, and grateful for her interest. We connected her to multiple patients with FH who are struggling to get access to the therapies their doctors have prescribed. Even for those of us who are lucky enough to know what we have, fortunate to be under the care of doctors who understand our condition, and blessed to live in a time when there are multiple therapies to help manage our condition, this article underlines that it is still a struggle to get the care we need. While highlighting FH, the article only cursorily explains why FH is different and why time delays in treatment can cost someone their life. I encourage you to share your own story online in the Comments section of the Wall Street Journal or with the Family Heart Foundation to help continue to build awareness of how FH is under-diagnosed, under-treated and life-threatening. Lack of diagnosis is still the number one barrier to care. Only 10% of people born with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) ever learn why their family is riddled with cardiovascular disease and what their own high cholesterol reflects in terms of risk to themselves or their children. We are so proud of and thankful for our community members who have stepped up to become FH advocates, volunteer their time, and share their personal journey in service of the mission of the Family Heart Foundation. Together, we are telling the story of the toll FH has taken on families for generations and we are sharing a vision of what is possible – FH can be a story of hope. fh_foundation_0028-edits-lr Gratefully,fhfidentity_stationary_signatures_katherinewilemon_2014-copy Katherine Wilemon Founder and CEO  
rejectedclaimsgraphic_focus_6-2017 Groundbreaking Study: FH Optimal Care in the US the Family Heart Foundation’s FOCUS study shows that there is a significant barrier to access for innovative new PCSK9 inhibitor treatments. After comparing insurance claims data, the Family Heart Foundation found that 63.3% of FH patients were denied approval for PCSK9 inhibitor treatment by their insurance carrier. Click below to learn more! clickhere-gradient2webinar-graphic6 Upcoming webinar: Insurance 101 June 29 @7pm EST the Family Heart Foundation and the Patient Advocate Foundation have teamed up to help ensure you know what to do to access the care you need for Familial Hypercholesterolemia. This webinar will help you understand your insurance plan choices, where you might be able to save, how different FH treatments are covered by insurance, and what to do if you are denied approval for FH treatment by your insurance plan. Click below to register today! clickhere-gradient2

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