Race for FH & Lp(a)

In the fall, the Family Heart Foundation hosts our annual Race for FH and Lp(a). Join people all across the United States to help us fight to save generations of families from heart disease and stroke. Individuals and teams will choose their own challenge event from hiking, to walking, to swim- ming or climbing stairs. Possibilities are limitless and only require your imagination and a “can do” attitude. Race in honor or in memory of a loved one, someone you know, or because you care about making a difference in the lives of others.

The Family Heart Foundation will cheer you on, give you a virtual high five, and provide the support to make your Race for FH and Lp(a) event a success.

Why join the race? Support the people you love.

No child should lose a parent too soon from preventable heart disease and no parent should have to worry that their child will suffer the same fate as generations before them. Show your support for people living with genetic lipid disorders. Whether you have FH, HoFH or high Lp(a) or not, everyone can make a difference for families living at risk for early heart attack and stroke!

Run, walk, jump, swim. It’s up to you!

Whatever challenge you choose, set a goal and raise awareness and funds to win the #Race4FH and #Race4Lpa

Help save lives.

People with FH, HoFH and high Lp(a) are at high risk for early heart attack and stroke. Many already have cardiovascular disease due to a missed or delayed diagnosis. Less than 25% of those with FH are achieving target LDL cholesterol levels and most people have never even had their Lp(a) checked. Let’s make sure everyone is diagnosed early and has the chance to live free of heart attacks and strokes

Every gift matters.

Early and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment can dramatically increase life expectancy for people with FH. Every dollar donated through the Race for FH helps improve diagnosis rates, increase understanding of FH and ensure optimal care to save lives.

 $25 connects a person with FH with a community of others affected by FH. 

$100 provides educational programs and materials to people with FH to help them understand their treatment options.

$250 trains a volunteer to raise awareness of FH in their community.

$500 supports advancing technology that can identify the 90% who don't know they have FH.

$1,000 helps fund the CASCADE FH® Registry -- the only ongoing research that shows how individuals with FH are diagnosed and treated in the U.S.  

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