Race to Save More Hearts - Charlotte

Why I Race: Team Breathe Strength

The Race to Save More Families More Hearts has begun, and we have some great races going on across the familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and lipoprotein(a), also known as Lp(a), communities.

One such race is Charlotte’s. She’s using her social media and in-person classes at her New York yoga studio, Breathe Strength, to raise awareness and funds for the Family Heart Foundation mission.


“We’re doing 30 days of heart opening yoga poses, and with that I’m sharing my journey from when I first found out I had high cholesterol where I am today. That'll be day 30.”

Charlotte says the idea is to get people to open up their hearts both physically and metaphorically. “In one way we are really getting our shoulders back and chest bright. Then, we’re also making ourselves receptive and open to talking about FH and Lp(a) – what it is and spreading the word so people can get the diagnosis and care they deserve.”

She knows how powerful the digital world can be when it comes to saving lives. “There’s so much we can do virtually in terms of raising awareness, and it’s really motivating to have a goal to work towards.”


“The fact that we’re all doing it at the same time in different ways is really powerful and profound.”


Have you joined the Race to Save More Families More Hearts? It’s easy to sign up or donate. You can do yoga with Charlotte, run, hike, walk, swim, make healthy eating choices, whatever you choose!

Register to join the race today!

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